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Hey guys, as you can see in the photo below, my latest post was a very long time ago, I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in a long time, but I’ve ran into a LOT of trouble.. so much has happened throughout this period and I ended up not having a computer for about two months.. I didn’t even upload anything to my YouTube channel.

my last upload


But right now, I’m back! And hopefully as active as I used to be. Maybe not as active, cuz I have a lot going on, I barely have time to write quality posts. I’ll try my best, and it’s also because I REALLY MISS BLOGGING.

I also have a YouTube channel if you just want all my content: PixelArt01. You can follow me on twitter to check out my daily thoughts: @SharekhQ8. Also feel free to check out my photos over on Instagram: @SharekhQ8.

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First Person Shooter games then and now (comparison and development)

FPS then

So, this is what First Person Shooter games used to look like..

Graphics: bad.

Gameplay: Great!

Features: OK.

Campaign: non-linear and complex.

Now, let’s take a look at what they are right now, and how they developed..

FPS now

Graphics: superb! Which isn’t always a good thing since some computers can’t run them well enough.

Gameplay: superb! But very limited and gets quite boring in a while.

Features: Great! However your health regenerates FAST, ALL THE TIME.

Campaign: very linear and simple. Seems more like a movie than a game.

So it’s up to the players and the users to decide whether they actually developed to the better or worse.. Some people think that because there is no “fear of dying” in these games, they suck and have developed to be money-hungry and not in a good way.

What do you guys think? Comment below and give us your opinion on FPS then and now, and perhaps later?

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Kuwait University parking lots are EXTREMELY overcrowded !!!

I attend college in Khaldiya, anyway… Today I have 2 lectures, 10am and 4pm, I usually go to the gym between them. After spending 20+ minutes stuck in traffic at 10Km/h, I finally arrived at the university at 9:40am in the hopes to find a parking spot in 20mins.

I spent about 20-25mins looking around the parking lot for one spot to park in, I took one lap around the lot, and tried to take another lap back but even the turns are blocked by parked cars!!

The lot probably can take up to about 100 cars parked legitimately, all the spots are taken and there are about 30+ cars other than me and not to mention all the cars that are coming in!

At the end I just decided that it wasn’t worth it to finally find a spot and spend about 20mins in the lecture then go back home and not fully utilizing that spot. So, since I couldn’t even take another lap around the lot, I just got out and went back home, 1 hour later I’m here writing this post 😀

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Phoneblocks: The most innovative idea in the smartphone industry.

Idea behind Phoneblocks..

Many many phones all over the world are discarded because one part of the phone stopped working or is fried, however the rest of the phone remains perfectly intact. That creates tons and tons of USEFUL waste that is definitely not being utilized whatsoever. A new idea emerged from nowhere that is BOOMING globally in an incredible acceleration! The person who came up with the idea called it a very awesome suitable name: “Phoneblocks”. You’ll know soon enough why it’s called that.

Why is it called “Phoneblocks”?

Phoneblocks is a Lego smartphone in some sense. We all know that all computers (smartphones are considered computers because they compute) consist mainly of a motherboard, a processor, a graphics card (integrated/dedicated), RAM, and storage (SSD/HDD/microSD/…etc). The idea behind Phoneblocks is that the motherboard is like a slate that you can put all the other components on like Legos. So the screen, the battery, the processor, the camera, and everything in a smartphone is put on the motherboard to create the smartphone of the future. So basically, if the screen is broken, you can just replace the screen itself and keep the rest of the phone that works properly.

Amazing properties of Phoneblocks:

Since the whole thing is Lego built, you can customize it however you want, the personal designs are limitless!!!!! Having a mass-produced phone like an iPhone or a Galaxy S3, doesn’t feel at all personal. If you take a bag of iPhones and throw yours in there with them, without unlocking the phone there’s no way to find out which one’s yours, cuz they’re all identical, which is something many people dislike.

What Phoneblocks allows you to do is basically design your own smartphone, you can have a physical keyboard and a smaller screen, or a large touch screen like most smartphones these days. You can sacrifice something like bluetooth for a larger battery, or re-design your phone to have maximum photographic capabilities, or for your grandmother you can design something with a very large and lasting battery, but without some of the capabilities of modern phones, like a powerful processor or a superb camera.

So basically, this thing is completely yours to design the way you want your phone to be. For example, if you don’t need some of the features of your iPhone, but you want more storage, you can make that change to fit your needs! Which is just AWESOME!!! don’t you think?

Wanna help make Phoneblocks a reality?

Go here and show your support to increase the population that want this magnificence to become a reality! So far there’s no kickstarter or anything, so you can’t show how badly you want it financially yet. But at least raise your voice virtually and help boom awareness of this dream.

Here are some photos of what this device may look like in a design point of view, bare in mind this is just the basic idea.

Phoneblocks overview


Phoneblocks components/blocks


Phoneblocks base/motherboard


This last photo shows what the motherboard/base of these Phoneblocks would look like.

Diablo 3 console version game director

Diablo 3 console version review

Hello Diablo 3 fans from the PC realm, if you’re here to see if you should bother to buy the console version now, or wait for the expansion, or wait for PS4, or whatever it is, you’ll find out by the end of this post, if not, feel free to ask whatever you wanna know in the comments, or get in touch with me directly in the Contact Me page.

Diablo 3 console version review

I started playing the console version on Thursday (Sept. 5th), 2 days after release, and on the same day at night I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel, showing my first fight with Belial on Normal. The reason I chose to post this fight first, is because the camera position is different than the PC version, check out the video and see for yourself what it’s like, I personally loved it, they really made it perfect for consoles. Console gaming is a bit different than PC, a lot more casual of course. And the layout of the games are usually quite different than PC, because the gamers think around games differently and end up shaping different games.

College just started for me, so I’m still not playing inferno yet, but so far the game gets easier as you go on, Nightmare sure as hell is easier than Normal.

Diablo 3 console review


diablo console version


diablo 3 review

Best thing so far, is that the loot is much MUCH more satisfying, they call it “loot 1.5” since it’s not the expansion, and loot 2.0 isn’t implemented in the console version yet. Loot 1.5 is pretty damn awesome! I’ve already found several legendaries! and I’m only level 43. You can actually find pretty good loot that is genuinely good with good affixes.

And another BIG difference that most of you will LOVE in the console version, there is NO Auction House!! Know what this means? You loot your gear! And if you want better gear, you play the game, not the AH. And another valuable information you should know before it’s too late, since there is no AH, you can’t buy your gems! nor can you buy your crafting materials!! So if you need a good gem, you gotta pick up those gems and start combining! And if you wanna craft damn good gear, you need to pick up crappy items and salvage them one by one.

One MAJOR CON that is genuinely straight up STUPID on their part: You all know that recently they made one of the patches and made it possible for you to combine as many gems as you want in a single click, right? Well, I’m very very disappointed to tell you that you have to combine them one by one in the console. Same with salvaging, it’s a REAL PAIN to salvage all those items, it’s also pretty noisy. So that just sucks, and EXTREMELY STUPID on Blizzard’s part, I mean seriously?! we’ve been BEGGING for that feature ever since the game came out in 2012, and finally after a year they implemented it, now they want the console community to beg for it again? WTF?!

After taking everything, and I mean everything, into consideration, I’ve chosen that the console version is way better than the PC version, mostly because of the loot and the fact that I can play offline, which means no lag 😀

Thanks for reading! And I hope you find out whether you should get it or not.

Quantum Computers are not a replacement for conventional computers.

Post two: About Qubits and quantum processing.

When we can buy quantum computers and use them like we use our current conventional computers, although they won’t necessarily be faster and better than conventional computers, because the thing that quantum computers are so great at, is that the amount of processing steps required to finish a given task, is exponentially smaller than that of classical computers. But if you’re just gonna browse the internet or watch videos on YouTube in HD, classical computers are probably better.

Quantum computers are able to process many things simultaneously. For example, if you program a conventional computer to figure out which is the fastest route to visit all the stores in a given city, it’ll take that computer way too long to figure it out, regardless of how good the algorithm is, as a matter of fact, these computers can’t process most of the good enough algorithms out there. And if you add more stores, the amount of time required will increase exponentially!

However, a quantum computer can examine all the different routes to the stores at ONCE, thanks to quantum superposition. Which means that it can process 100 stores, or a 1,000,000 stores, and the amount of time in difference is very small, especially when compared to classical computers.

:: Qubits ::


The picture above is a scale of qubits, each layer has many qubits, and altogether they are 512 qubits! They called it such an AWESOME name! “VESUVIUS”!!

Great thing about qubits over bits, is that 3 qubits = 2^3 bits = 8 classical bits.

So 512 qubits = 2^512 bits which is too huge to be written as a number, if you google it you’d get 1.340781e+154 bits.

So yeah, quantum computers are the kind of computers for gaming all gamers want! Think of the endless and true random dungeons! think of the possible games that could come out!! The future holds a great place for dedicated gamers such as myself! and all my friends 😛

Blonde or Brunette?

A study shows that Blonde wives are more likely to cheat on their husbands than brunettes. A survey shows that most men think that brunettes make better wives, while blondes tend to make better girlfriends.

blonde or brunette


What is it about a woman’s hair that has such a huge effect on her actions??

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